Help your friends and help yourself to a night of luxurious indulgence

All businesses have to invest in finding new customers and Empire is no different. However we’d much prefer that investment go to our own clients and contacts than be paid to marketing agencies or media owners. With that in mind, here’s an offer.

We know the people most likely to become Empire clients are people like you - your friends and colleagues. So if you introduce those people to us, when they become purchasing clients we’ll reward you both. Of course, we don’t expect you to ‘sell’ on our behalf, but in the natural course of conversation property investment often comes up. Your friends may be at the stage where they’re ready for a chat with us. If they’re not, they may enjoy reading our short book 'The Effortless Empire', which we’ll send you to pass on to them. The reward? We feel it should be a memorable treat, something you wouldn’t normally do. In the past several referring clients have enjoyed champagne, dinner and a night away in a luxury resort, such as Jonahs at Whale Beach in Sydney. If you live elsewhere we can arrange something closer to you. Just to be clear, it’s a night each for your friend and yourself AND your respective partners. You don’t have to go at the same time or even to the same place. If you’re just too busy or not inclined to get away for the night, we can arrange a gift voucher instead
 for your favourite store. This is our way of saying thanks for spreading the word about Empire. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s a more civilised option than an ad!

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To refer:
Simply email your friend and suggest we chat, copying me in at
Send us your friends details and we can send them a free copy of the effortless empire.
Or send our details to your friend and ask them to mention your name when they contact us for even more personal service.

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