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I gave up individual client mentoring many years ago as, even though I enjoyed it, my time became so valuable I wanted to balance other things in my personal life.

However, I’m a sucker for a good charity and so I’ve agreed to take part in the Mentor Me Auction Campaign.

It’s being run by Child Fund Australia and the money raised will help a family in Nepal restart their home-based business following last year’s devastating earthquakes. Helping to restore incomes is a critical part of the recovery process for families who lost everything in this disaster.

If I’ve helped you in the past through my free book downloads or free to attend seminars, or if you would like to have a mentoring session with me, I’d love it if you could:

  1. Make a bid and/or
  2. Help us get the word out

The auction is on from 2nd – 16th March. Simply go to to take part.

Be sure to follow, retweet and share Child Fund Australia on social media as every bit helps.

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